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Oh mindfulness sounds boring! Not with us ;) These are cool and for everyone!

Written and recorded by the team they are designed to reduce stress, escape the pressures of modern day life and find peace and calm in your life. Our meditations work by guiding you on a journey in a dream like state allowing you to safely and effectively navigate the subconscious and transform patterns and behaviours which are no longer beneficial to you.

Mindfulness is really important for everyone but how many of us actually meditate on a regular basis? Check out some of the amazing benefits of mindfulness here!

    We currently have 2 levels:
    LEVEL ONE: Around 10 minutes long, these meditations are suitable for beginners and more experienced meditators alike. Also great if you don't have much time!
    LEVEL TWO: Around 30-40 minutes long, the meditations are ideally suited to someone who has already done some of the meditations from Level One or someone who has previously meditated. We recommend doing these mediations lying down to allow yourself to completely immerse yourself in the experience.
    You can change the level by clicking the option at the top right of the page!

    We recommend practising regularly and the more often you repeat an exercise the better the results. You can do them sitting or lying down. They work best with your eyes closed and it can be very relaxing to use an eye pillow. Make sure you are warm and comfortable before starting, with your phone switched off! Where possible create a relaxing space to meditate by lighting some incense and a candle before you start.

    Once you purchase your recording you will receive a link to download it. If you require help with this please visit our download help pages.

    If you already purchased a recording and we release a new version you will receive an email so that you can download the new one for FREE.