DIY Green Cleaning Recipes for the Whole House


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If you are sick of the smell of chemicals every time you clean your house it might be time to look for another alternative. Green cleaning saves you money, helps you protect your health while disinfecting every space more efficiently. On top of that, your home will also have a nice smell. You can forget about the frequent trips to the store for expensive cleaning supplies. There are various green cleaning recipes that you can prepare in the comfort of your own home if you just put a little time aside.

  • Kitchen – In the kitchen the biggest problem is usually the grease. When you are cooking it is almost impossible to keep all the appliances, tiles and surfaces clean. Don't worry, though, because there is an easy way to remove the stains without chemical products. A spoon of baking soda, little vinegar, dish soap, warm water and essential oil of your choosing will make the perfect mix, which you can use on all surfaces and objects in your kitchen.

  • Bathroom – You will certainly like the effect of the green recipe for disinfecting the bathroom that I'm about to give you. Just imagine how wonderful it would be, if every time you enter in this room you could smell the fresh scent of lemons or grapefruit. For a sparkling clean tub, sink, and tiles, cut one large grapefruit in half and cover it with coarse kosher salt. Feel free to use this recipe for the fixtures and any other parts of your bathroom.

  • Living room – There is nothing more stubborn than a stain on your carpet or couch. To quickly remove all grime from your upholstery furniture and possessions you can mix together equal amount of white vinegar, borax and salt. This blend will erase traces of dirt and will freshen up your carpets. Hydrogen peroxide can do wonders with wine stains. For the wooden objects, you can mix together lemon juice, olive oil and a little water. Apply the product to the surface using a dry cloth.

  • Bedroom – This recipe is useful for polishing wooden frame of your bed, as well as for the nightstands, shelves and others. Don't forget to disinfect the carpet, if you have one in the bedroom, with a mix of borax, salt and vinegar. It is important to do this, since you walk barefoot in the room. It is a good idea to vacuum the carpet first, before you begin cleaning with your homemade products.

  • Windows –It’s not that easy to remove every little mark and fingerprint, as well as dust from glass and sometimes it can be very frustrating. To achieve perfect results faster, just add several drops of vinegar in the water that you use for the windows and all grime will disappear.

    These recipes are all very easy to prepare but if you are too busy to make your own and would rather buy chemical free, toxin free, hypoallergenic, vegan products I recommend visiting EcoLife Global for effective and affordable supplies. Spending a tiny bit more for natural products is worth the money as you are investing in your health. Inhaling chemicals on a regular basis can lead to respiratory problems, such as asthma, headaches, sinus problems even if you don’t suffer from any of these symptoms from the get-go. Even if you mitigate some of the harmful fumes by opening windows during cleaning, small amounts of asthma and skin aggravating toxins can build up in the air over time. Instead of absorbing dangerous chemicals from store bought products in the form of detergents or breathing in toxins that deplete your wellbeing, put your health, and the health of your family first and try out eco-friendly products by EcoLife Global.


    Written by Kathleen Crane

    Kathleen works for HHC Bermondsey where only eco-friendly and non-toxic detergents are used. They are strong enough to clean and disinfect surfaces but most importantly, environmentally safe.


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