Eco-cities: Communes and Money


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It’s time to build a new world. Done are the days of lamenting our fate as we watch the planet dwindle into dust- or should I say, be devastated by wars, melting ice caps, pollution and self-serving mindless behaviour-let us now, joyfully prepare for a more sustainable future; an Eco Life

In honour of simplicity, (one of) the most underrated qualities of all, I turn to Osho, an inspired and inspiring man, to reveal a glimpse of what the future may hold for us, if we so decide.

                 My vision of a commune is that nations disappear, big cities disappear, because they don’t allow enough space for every human being-and every human being has a certain psychological need for a territorial imperative, just like other animals. In big cities, man is continuously moving in a crowd. That creates great anxiety, tension, agony and does not allow him any time to relax, any time, any place, to be himself-to be alone, to be with the trees, which are life-giving sources, to be with the ocean, which is a life-giving source.

 My vision of a new world, the world of communes, means no nations, no big cities, no families, but millions of small communes spread all over the earth in thick forests, lush green forests, in mountains, on islands. The smallest commune manageable, which we have already tried, can be of five thousand people, and the biggest commune can be of fifty thousand people- more than that will become unmanageable: then again comes the questions of order and law, and the police, and the court, all have to be brought back.

 All the communes should be interdependent, but they will not exchange money. Money should be dissolved. It has done tremendous harm to humanity. Now it is time to say good-bye to it. These communes should exchange things. You have more milk products: you can give them to another commune, because you need more clothes, and that commune can provide you with more clothes-a simple barter system, so no commune becomes rich.

 Money is a very strange thing. You can accumulate it: that is the strangest secret of money. You cannot accumulate milk products, you cannot accumulate vegetables. If you have more vegetables you have to share with some commune that does not have enough vegetables. But money can be accumulated. And if one commune becomes richer than the other commune then from the back door comes the poverty and the richness and the whole nightmare of capitalism, and the classes of the poor and the rich, and the desire to dominate. Because you are rich, you can enslave other communes. Money is one of the enemies of man.”

Take these words not as a utopian fantasy, but as a return to Nature, a return to simplicity and a return to One’s self. Only by looking within, by connecting to our own consciousness and awareness, can we come together as a collective society and build a new landscape, a new reality.

Author: nannette balfour-lynn and Osho ‘Love, Freedom and Aloness’

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