Green People's Self Tanner is a miracle in a bottle


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This week at EcoLife we decided in honour of the sunshine and summer's long awaited appearance that we would try out Green People's Self Tan lotion. Now that summer is officially here to stay, I was in need of a tan and quick!

Dubious at first as I am a self-proclaimed sun-a-holic, this product would have to be a miracle in a bottle to compete with the sun and produce the effects of a tan. I was also worried that I could potentially look like a glowing carrot or worse smell like a leather handbag.

The night before I would be making my summer appearance at the park, I found myself lathering on my 89% organic, non-streaky lotion. The lotion had a creamy white texture with therapeutic hints of Rosehip and Sandalwood. It was easy to apply and I was extremely careful to distribute evenly on my body to avoid any streaky disasters. It was light, not sticky, and smelled great, so now the proof would be in the tan that the box claimed would arrive in 2-3 hours. I washed my hands and off to bed I went dreaming of my tan to be.

The next morning I woke up with rose-scented smelling skin and to my delight had a lovely golden tan. No carrot sheen, no smell of leather handbags!

I absolutely love Green People's Self Tan lotion and best of all I am avoiding the dozens of chemicals that I would be piling onto my body had I opted for the high street version. Green People's Self Tan has none of the nasty parabens, SLS, carcinogens, phtatlates, synthetic fragrances, and all the usual toxic companions found in sunless tanning products.

I feel virtuous using Green People's self-tanner, knowing it has no nasties in it. It does work and I love it so much that I have used it a few times this week to deepen my tan and I still look sun kissed and natural. I am slowly swapping my toxic beauty cupboard over for the natural counterparts one product at a time and Green People have come through as this was a clear winner. I encourage all our EcoLife beauties out there to do the same! To get your miracle in a bottle click here! Happy sunless tanning!


Article written by Celeste.



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