Social Plastic®: the Fair Trade of Plastics


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Social Plastic® is plastic collected by The Plastic Bank.   It’s any plastic harvested by the poor and removed from the oceans, beaches, or waterways.

In other words, it’s the term that we created about plastic that has a positive social aspect.

Fair Trade is about doing business in a different way. A way of decency, fairness, and the understanding that we are all equals who provide value to our society. It’s a win-win solution for the world. Empowering people – that’s the goal.

Our Social Plastics® movement – YOUR Social Plastics® movement – will make the world a better place. The Plastic Bank’s philosophy  is to reveal value.  The Plastic Bank reveals value in people and plastic. There are many places in the world where there is an abundance of both poverty and plastic waste. By revealing value in plastic, people are able to raise themselves out of poverty by collecting it and returning it into our centres for cash value. This gives value to people.

These individuals can then focus less on the everyday survival needs, and more on creating an impact – as simple as being a business owner in a community.  It’s very simple. Create a change, empower people and remove plastic waste from the environment.

That sounds win-win to me. Social Plastic® is the Fair Trade of plastics. It’s a way for the world to identify plastic as value. Every individual has the power to create change.

The Plastic Bank. Turning an abundance of waste into an abundance of opportunity.

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Source: Plastic Bank

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