The Seven Secrets to Life (Paperback) by Sebastian Curtis


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‘Be the rockstar of your life!’

What if there was only one true purpose to the existence of human beings on this Earth?
And that purpose was far removed from the everyday things you connect to ….

Your job, your car, your house ….

And what if that true purpose was so far removed from what most people could easily comprehend, that it required a huge leap of faith in order to believe it to be so?

And what if your mind kept questioning this new idea of belief, telling you it could not be so? Would you be able to consider such a concept, knowing that it is the secret to life? And once you are aware of it, would you be able to adopt it as a new system of belief when many people around you question its validity.

Now the seven secrets of life are available for everyone in this book.

When used wisely, the seven secrets to life bring untold happiness and peace into anyone’s life. So why are so many people still living unhappy, difficult lives? Aren’t some people here just to suffer and have a hard time? Well no actually! That’s one of the first secrets!
We are all here to lead a happy, fulfilling life. And the purpose of this book is to tell you how.

Now is the time to wake up, now is the time to rewrite your life, now is the time to discover the seven secrets to life.

171 pages, Paperback

Publication date: 18/04/16

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