Therapeutic Ginger Drinks


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Brew #1: Helps purify the blood

  • Beat ginger and crush it to extract the juice. Leave the juice for 15 minutes in a glass container
  • Leave the sedimentation, and store the clear juice in a refrigerator for 5-6 days
  • Mix 2 tsp of this ginger juice with 2 tsp of honey, and consume it every morning on an empty stomach
  • It can be consumed for 48 days once every 6 months

Brew #2: Aids digestive issues

  • Wash fresh ginger and peel off the skin
  • Cut ginger into small pieces, and soak it in honey in a wide-mouth glass bottle
  • Cover the bottle mouth with a thin, white, cotton cloth, and keep in the sun for 12 days
  • Consume 2-4 pieces daily in the morning and evening to get rid of any indigestion issues

Brew #3: Reduces risk of colds

  • Mix 4 tsp of ginger juice, 4 tsp of honey and 2 tsp of lemon juice in a cup of warm water, and consume. This is a great remedy to reduce your susceptibility to colds.

Ginger-Lemon Tea

This healthy tea recipe will leave you feeling fresh and invigorated, without the side effects of caffeine.

  • Boil 4.5 cups of water in a saucepan
  • As the water boils, crush a 2-inch piece of fresh ginger with about 25 – 30 Tulsi (Holy Basil) leaves
  • Add the paste to the boiling water, along with 2 tsp of dried coriander seeds (optional)
  • Continue to boil for 2 – 3 minutes
  • Strain the tea into cups and add 1 tsp of lime juice and jaggery to taste. Serve hot!

Source: Isha Foundation

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